Thank you for all who support me with my Girl On The Bike.

I don’t know if you realized, but asking $1 is even a very hard work, you guys are giving me 10’s of dollars. That makes me happy and proud; and keep moving..

These funds will help me keep pedaling and get my videos in better quality. And be consistent! 🙂

This page is dedicated to you, awesome people who are giving and supporting, I appreciate so much..!!!!!

My Precious People:

Kevin Brothers
Jesse Alequin
David Atwell
Gerald Goff
Andrew Weilgus
Mary Robertson
Robert Sams
Scott Stanley
Jay M.
Troy Luchterhand
Gustavo Villarreal
Alexis F.
Denny Disconi
Robert Zweerman
Yagna Bunty R Jiggy
Gordon Ho
Tony Lee
Crissy Bogusz
Richard Berthiaume
Murat Cetindemir
Anthony Skalaj
Engin E.
Viktor O.
Anastasiia Popova
Eric Dubs
Shannon Ayala
Vasil Azrov
Kazuyuki Yokoyama
Emre Can


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