Yes! I’m loving it..

So nice.. I’m officially taking piano classes from a talented pianist. She gave me a homework after the first class, but I was begging for more homework since I was already done with what she gave.. Then I tried to show, but clearly I forgot all.. 🙂

So, I’m totally a beginner. I don’t have much past with piano. But I love Coldplay, or Alicia Keys.. And any music played by piano.. I love classical music.. And.. It’s a one-man band, so kinda fits me.

Also, I’m good with learning anything practical. Especially if it’s something new, I’m great at it.. I have a big hunger with these kind of interesting skills 🙂 And I have no limit! I have to add, I like to use both side of my brain, so using right & left hand differently at the same time will be an awesome challenge! Exciting. =)

I can’t wait for the days I’ll write my own songs.. 🙂 haha.