Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact

***I'm okay!! 🙂 Thanks so much for your caring messages.. I love you all.. Laying down in a bed, nurses carry me around in the hospital.. "It's like a shopping cart, whenever I have one, I drive them, and play with them, and sometimes hit them.." I'm thinking.. This...

Emma, Life and Love

"I went for miles to see her.. first look and first love.. it was easy.." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLHe6v74ZpI Emma made me think a lot.. In my return flight I wrote what she made me feel and think, and of course crying.. With the cheapest smartest airline,...

Gone Girl, Becoming a Ping Pong Pro, Citibike

I'm in Miami.. It's warm, sweet, nice.. oh hold on a second..! What am I talking about? It's raining (men, no just the rain, thunderstorm type of rain)..! What Miamian people does in a rainy day? I don't know!! I'm home, found time to post photos on Facebook, and here...

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