Grand Central Tunnel – Grrr..

Last week, as you know, I went out for a Super Bowl Ride. When I wanted to go back home.. things happened not expected. I freaked out actually. You can see from my face. If you see me speaking weird (hmm that happens a lot actually), that means I’m in a panic or... read more

5 Super Bowl Fun Facts

Super Bowl.. I wanted to interview people on the streets. Tourists and locals. Me: Which team will win? Red or blue? The answers I was expecting: Tourist who came for the SuperBowl: There is no RED!!  Locals who don’t care: Red/blue The first local who’s... read more

Snow Storm Part 2 – Going Back to Home

Okay, here is the second video. I promised to make new videos every Tuesday, and 1 week is a long time to record and edit a video. Right? So Monday night, I found myself sleepless editing the video. I decided, I need to do next videos few couple days ago. It takes... read more

Snow Storm in New York, A Crazy Bike Ride Part 1

Yes, I can’t believe it’s real. Here’s my first video!! 🙂 I normally don’t look at weather predictions. However, decided to look and schedule which days I’ll record my bike rides. And so that not super duper freezing day, which was -5... read more

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