Emma, Life and Love

"I went for miles to see her.. first look and first love.. it was easy.." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLHe6v74ZpI Emma made me think a lot.. In my return flight I wrote what she made me feel and think, and of course crying.. With the cheapest smartest airline,...

Gone Girl, Becoming a Ping Pong Pro, Citibike

I'm in Miami.. It's warm, sweet, nice.. oh hold on a second..! What am I talking about? It's raining (men, no just the rain, thunderstorm type of rain)..! What Miamian people does in a rainy day? I don't know!! I'm home, found time to post photos on Facebook, and here...

Turkish Girl in New York

Turkish Girl in New York

Ha ha. Time.. and memory.. I always say this "we forget". We forget things, people, faces, memories, where we come from, what type of person we were before, love, pain, etc... That's a beautiful part of  human nature, who would like to remember everything?? It's a new...

Seeing a friend and not remembering

Seeing a friend and not remembering

I was walking with a client and a colleague to show some commercial spaces, when I saw him. He was sitting on some stairs. Time just freezed, because I know him so well! His eyes, lips, face.. so familiar.. Our eyes kept connected, and I whispered myself how do I know...

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