Small Business Expo Playlist.

In these playlist you’ll join me going to an event occurs every year in New York: Small Business Expo. You’ll be introduced to some of the people I interviewed about Entrepreneur Tips, Goal Setting especially for beginners, some ideas about Objection and... read more

What is Twizy?

Hi there!!!! You know I crazilly missed you guys. It’s been a long time I couldn’t post any video here. I missed sharing my adventures with you.. I have tons of videos waiting for me to edit, so you can watch them. Please spend few seconds to choose which... read more

99U Conference and A Flight To Catch

Being at 99U is like being at TED Talks, the difference is 99U is not just about inspiration. They focus on being a maker and doer, practically. Just read their blog, you’ll get an idea what they are about. The conference is about the people participate, so you... read more

Changing Habits

I love that topic.. Changing habits. First we need a reason to change something. Means we need to realize something is unwanted by us. “Ahh, I want to stop calling him!” “I don’t want to work in that office anymore!” “I should stop... read more

the BIG egg hunt NEW YORK!

My friend Eric told me why don’t you go hunt the eggs? I asked what eggs? thinking the first egg comes to my mind is the one which gives females cramps every once in a  month! He said Easter Eggs. So with a quick research I figured there is this awesome event... read more

DecoBike and Miami (review)

Ok, you know I was in Miami few couple weeks ago.. Thanks God, New York is getting warmer so my missing Miami syndrome is also going away.. I love shared bikes. Paris, Barcelona, New York, Boston.. I LOVE them! So, before I went to Miami, I made a quick online... read more
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