Gone Girl, Becoming a Ping Pong Pro, Citibike

I’m in Miami.. It’s warm, sweet, nice.. oh hold on a second..! What am I talking about? It’s raining (men, no just the rain, thunderstorm type of rain)..! What Miamian people does in a rainy day? I don’t know!! I’m home, found time to... read more

I bike for you

I bike for you. Just a video of me, biked for someone. I can bike for you or for your loved ones, as well. You can ask anything and I’ll answer while I’m on the bike.. Or I can ask to people on the streets, like a street poll. Check that page for... read more

Biking in New York Episode 1: Bike Lanes, are they good?

This week’s video series, Biking in New York, Episode 1: Bike Lanes, what does Miss Girl on The Bike think about these very controversial bike lanes? 🙂 First of all, I used to not like the bike lanes before in New York. Why? Because there was only few of them,... read more

Let’s Get Dirty

I do totally have fun at these dirty dozen pingpong games. But this time, there was a surprise female player!! And oh boy, she was really good. Hehe 🙂 Agree? read more

Webcongress and my birthday!!!

“WebCongress is a leading source for digital marketing strategies, business and new trends in the Tech Industry!” And so I went to see how they are doing it, and had a great time meeting these industry leaders and learning from them. When they asked me to invite my... read more

Playing with the storm at the beach

This week’s video: playing with the storm. it’s my life from Bon Jovi. As you may remember, I had an amazing time in Turkey. My older brother got married, it’s a happy day and happy situation seeing him building his own family. On the other hand, he... read more

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