Interview with Bruno Axel

Okay, here’s the story behind this interview with Bruno Axel: Years ago, little Nesli meets a VERY talented musician in the New York subway. She takes photos, and get in the subway and goes. However, she shares her impressions about creative and inspiring art in... read more

Girl on the Bike plays Chello!

When Girl on the Bike plays Violin.. I know it may look and sound scary but when I started playing this instrument, I felt really good and thought I was good! Watching it, I can say my career is not going towards to be a musician however, I can say creating these... read more

Electra Loft Bike Review (Love Story)

My Electra Loft Bike Review: What happens when the Girl, (me, Nesli, Girl on the Bike) and the Bike, (Electra Loft Bicycle) get together? The story starts with my Periscope live streaming.. I always use citibike, the shared bike system of New York.. My followers gave... read more

From New York to Fire Island…

When my friend Checkey asked me to join her for Fire Island, I knew it was going to be just another amazing adventure in my life. We met most of the girls at the Penn Station for 8am train. Bought some breakfast stuff from the station, and earlier some crackers from... read more

Interview On The Bike with @ValBorovinskiy

Interview On The Bike with @ValBorovinskiy “We’re in the city now!!!” This week’s video: #BikeWithNesli Episode one, interview on the bike with @ValBorovinskiy. Valeriy is a director, actor, model, YouTuber.. A passionate person who’s... read more

Emma, Life and Love

“I went for miles to see her.. first look and first love.. it was easy..” Emma made me think a lot.. In my return flight I wrote what she made me feel and think, and of course crying.. With the cheapest smartest airline, spirit, I was crying, writing, and... read more

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