Which idea, dream, goal makes you excited, cry when you think about?

I have my dreams makes me super excited and I can’t even hold my tears sometimes.. Whatever this idea, you should ask yourself why you want it. Find your reasons.. Are they good-real reasons or they are covering some other needs? And visualize it. Imagine it! Meet, know, learn the people who made it before.. So it will not be a dream anymore, you’ll feel close to it..

Life of Pi is one of the best movie I ever watched. I watched 3D, and regardless of the visual effects, the story itself was amazing.

The reflection of the sky from the ocean

The magical island and cute animals. I’d like to play with them..

Baby or not, tigers are beautiful.. And I definitely believe animals have soul..

Watching Life of Pi in 3D is not a bad idea..

Stars, fishes, life and love..

Richard Parker the Bengal Tiger…

And he can actually swim 🙂 Isn’t he so cute??