Casey explained the comparison of citibike with a regular bike and taxi very well. Citibike is a pain in the ass winner. I’ll share my opinions about citibike, because whenever I’m on it, I keep telling myself to write. And here I am:

  • My previous lovely bike was designed for Manhattan. It had special locks in its wheels, and was impossible to break the locks and stealing the bike. The only way was to carry it. Although, it was well protected, it’s got stolen. Someone carried it. 🙁 (sad me) 
  • I was totally afraid getting a new one. Because I knew it’ll be stolen again!!!
  • I do not like subways. I don’t like public transportation. I never liked it. I got a motorcycle in Istanbul even though it was dangerous. 
  • I like going to gym and playing random sports. But I never had a bike before in my adult life (omg, yes I’m an adult!) till last summer. And I realized it’s the BEST exercise. Your legs, ass become perfect!! haha 🙂
  • Whenever I go to Europe, I use their citibikes, like velib in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam. It’s a great way to discover a city. Better than walking or car.
  • So, my perfect solution is citibike. Wherever and whenever I want I can rent it, ride it, and park it. They are almost everywhere, and I can find stations easily with their Android app.
  • I can be with any outfit, dress, suits, shorts, etc. Doesn’t matter. They are designed for girls 🙂
  • Citibike costs $95 per year. It’s a great deal. Cheaper than a monthly metro card (Please don’t increase the price next year!)
Yes, they are very heavy. And slow. And it’s hard to take off your hands and drive cause it’s unbalanced. But I loved it.

I decide to go to Battery Park via Hudson river and it was raining. Was a great experience. 🙂

That’s me!!! 🙂
Yes, there are some bike sides, but you kinda stuck between cars, and I’m sure someone will get hurt. After that, there will be rules that cars can’t drive in the bike roads, like in Amsterdam? Maybe not like there, but for sure it will be more comfortable for bikes.
Till then, please be careful. Remember the cars are crazy here.
1. They don’t really know how to drive. I saw many of them can’t park, and crashes other cars..
2. They are drunk and fast with their cars..
3. Buses don’t really see you on the sides. Stay away from them!
CITIBIKE, I love you. 🙂 Thanks a lot for that opportunity, I’m so happy 🙂 I feel New York City loves it, too.. Like the soul of the city. It fits the dynamism of the it.
P.S I was travelling a bit. Miami, DC, Atlantic City. Yes, I’m tanned. Great. But what I want to share is this: wherever I go, whatever I do, I come back to New York. Like I’m missing it. Beach, cleanness, no humid, no cold, no hot and everything else is awesome that NYC doesn’t have.. But I met with this feeling of “can’t stay away from the city”, once you taste it you can’t live somewhere else..
Oh no, I can’t see myself living here forever, I’m also a kind of nomad, but I feel like I’m myself here now. The buildings, the food, people, any kind of class, activity.. differences, opportunities, and most importantly the energy flows in the air.. is kind of addictive. ahh.. I just thought for a second that it doesn’t matter. If I really want I can go and live somewhere else, and immediately this “ahh” was written.. lol. Not now. This topic should be another post I guess, shortly citibike rocks!
Stay passionate people,
Turkish Girl 🙂