10 Cloverfield Lane Spoilers!!!

Did you watch 10 Cloverfield Lane movie??! One of my best ever so far. Best in 2016 at least! 🙂 How genius it is?! I’ll write here my opinions more in details, and please check the video for...
5 Books that I Love A Lot! :)

5 Books that I Love A Lot! :)

5 books that I love a lot! These amazing books changed my life and shaped who I am today drastically. Please watch my review and tell me 1 book you love!!

All About the 5 Boro Bike Tour

5 Boro Bike Tour Forty Miles. Five Boroughs. One Day. Zero Car. BEFORE the Five Boro Bike Tour: My dear people, I’m writing you this at 12:29am, it’s already May 1st, which few hours later the tour is going to start.. I’d like to do a video, but no...

My Tesla Model S Review

When I heard Tesla has a showroom in Brooklyn, I was like “Oh yay, they are already in East Coast”, I found out they have a store in Chelsea!!!! I went to Tesla Motor’s website, filled out the form to schedule a test drive. I was like “If the car is coming in 2017, what am I gonna test?!

Electra Loft Bike Review (Love Story)

My Electra Loft Bike Review: What happens when the Girl, (me, Nesli, Girl on the Bike) and the Bike, (Electra Loft Bicycle) get together? The story starts with my Periscope live streaming.. I always use citibike, the shared bike system of New York.. My followers gave...
What’s The Best Phone for Periscope?

What’s The Best Phone for Periscope?

What’s the best phone for Periscope live streams? Well.. Unfortunately I was unlucky and maybe a little bit careless that in my last 2 months I had changed 4-5 phones. I even raised some money to get a new one, and we raised in Periscope around $100 in 1 week!!!...