Fencing in New York

Fencing in New York – watch my first time fencing experience in Manhattan Fencing Center! It’s an intense work out that I can say! 🙂

My DMV Road Test Tips

Hey guys, So, I passed my DMV Road Test after a long time trying.. The scheduling system is online and takes months to find a spot available. There is no place in Manhattan to take the test, so my first test area was in Queens, after waiting for months, when I went...
5 Books that I Love A Lot! :)

5 Books that I Love A Lot! :)

5 books that I love a lot! These amazing books changed my life and shaped who I am today drastically. Please watch my review and tell me 1 book you love!!

Girl on the Bike plays Chello!

When Girl on the Bike plays Violin.. I know it may look and sound scary but when I started playing this instrument, I felt really good and thought I was good! Watching it, I can say my career is not going towards to be a musician however, I can say creating these...

Interview On The Bike with @ValBorovinskiy

Interview On The Bike with @ValBorovinskiy “We’re in the city now!!!” This week’s video: #BikeWithNesli Episode one, interview on the bike with @ValBorovinskiy. Valeriy is a director, actor, model, YouTuber.. A passionate person who’s...
How To Get Sponsored

How To Get Sponsored

This week, I’m posting the rest of the Garth Holsinger interview. Man, it was so difficult to cut the parts. I really loved the way he thinks and when I think about it, it’s his business to deal with startups and brands. Now looking back, I’m so...

Chat With Garth Holsinger

Garth, So I really liked that smart, intelligent, startup passionate fellow New Yorker! He has a very fancy bio: Garth Holsinger is currently CEO/ Founder of The Global Startup Project (http://theglobalstartupproject.com) and startupsforgood.org. He also consults,...
What is Twizy?

What is Twizy?

Hi there!!!! You know I crazilly missed you guys. It’s been a long time I couldn’t post any video here. I missed sharing my adventures with you.. I have tons of videos waiting for me to edit, so you can watch them. Please spend few seconds to choose which...