I’ve got a question from a friend last week. “My boss is visiting New York with his wife and wondering if you’d like to take care of their children for one night?”
I never say no to a friend asks me to take care of their puppies, I thought this would be nice, too. I love kids, the one who can speak, especially a foreign language. I told them I can take care but no diapers or anything like that. (I always get panic when puppies do poopies too.. ehem) they said no need. Ok.
I went to their hotel and met with the boy (the little one was sleeping already, guess how disappointed I was, I couldn’t even see his face). He was 8 years old. I said “hallo, wie geht’s?” with my weird accent. I think it was his first shock. Oh yea, he speaks fluently German and English.
We played German games in my phone for almost 2 hours. He thought my German is terrible.. (he came closer to camera and whispered “I don’t understand her German”. Grr..
When the time showed up 9:20 dad was messaging whatsup. Means the son needs to sleep.  I tried my best to gain some time but he had to go bed for some reason… I found myself sitting and asking myself: what the heck. All the fun, all of the reason I was there for is sleeping. Am I babysitting or what??!
Yea, that was my second babysitting experience in my life. I think kids are great when they are talking. My first experience was taking care of my aunts 1, 5 years old daughter… I remember as today: first minutes I was in love. Holding her and feeling close to this little tiny beautiful body and WANTING ONE. Insanely.. and 3 hours later, just thinking how crazy I have to be to have one.. such a big deal.. 3 hours was enough.. oh well.. but I love them 🙂 Just as much as I love puppies as long as I do not own any of them.
So my second experience was very awesome. He was able to talk.  And he was very smart.  But me. I had no experience talking with living little human creatures.. I found myself commanding him “Sit. Talk.” Realizing and thanking he didn’t feel offended and adding immediately “bitte schon”…
Thanks a lot to my friend and the dad who trusted me. I had a lovely experience.. I have GREAT videos. I can’t stop laughing watching them. So energetic. He did some karate moves and I thought if I can do it, too.. but I guess I’m getting old to try them.. I can’t even properly kick!!