My bike has got stolen. From Columbus Circle. And I had already 2 bicycle tickets, and I was addicted to ride my bike even though it was winter & cold… So I was kinda relieved to lose it..

Also, new year, 2013 is just started great. Powerful. Love it so far..

I’m learning to go deep down of myself. I didn’t know there was a lot of information about sub-conscious, controlling it, knowing it, and how it effects our life without knowing it. Let’s see..

EDIT: Yes, I knew it!! I forgot all of these personal development books I’ve read when I was a kid. Brain power, NLP, etc.. I just started seeing all successful people, all millionaires (the happy ones) know this method. Affirmations, visualization, goal setting, etc.. They all tell the secret of their success in different styles, but there is one same main thing. It’s the key. And I’m getting closer to it.

This time, it will not be like my old times, reading/learning a lot of valuable information and DO NOTHING! I’m taking the control of myself by the awareness of myself. This year is my year.

Lots love,
Your Favorite Turkish Girl 🙂